Why do I love my mom and dad 10 lines?

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In this post i learn Why do I love my mom and dad 10 lines?

Why do I love my mom and dad 10 lines?

  1. I love my mom and dad for no reason. Love is unconditional. If my love becomes a condition of my own parents, then an exaggerated relationship becomes a contract, not a contract.
  2. They let me fill the communication and generation gap between us.
  3. They let me stay who I am. They never wanted me to mention their names, but they let me create my own identity.
  4. They apologize if they were wrong. Although their ego is many times more than our relationship, they patiently take their time. And it’s good to be patient with your parents. They also had patience with us when we were young.
  5. They did the best way to change their thinking and understanding to see things from my perspective.
  6. They confront me when I’m wrong. And I confront them, even if they are wrong.
  7. They never created an environment that would scare me.
  8. I follow with my dreams and my own thoughts. (There are times when we don’t have a conclusion, but we still love each other.)
  9. They loved me when I fell, when I was not loved and made friends with my close friends.
  10. They stood beside me at all my bottom and never prevented me from speaking to anyone.

Relationships that burn from the heart can have conflict, but never discrimination.

Why do I love my mom and dad 10 lines?
Why do I love my mom and dad 10 lines?

Why does mom love my dad more than I do?

My mother loved my father to worship. Whatever he said, he would bend his back to do it. It’s good when he’s mad at me. Every time he gets angry about what I’m doing, he starts screaming and criticizing me. He also tried to hit me as I tried to explain. Remember, I’m always polite to that. Dad had nothing to do with it, he let it go and then I flirted with my mom.

I was the type of kids where I had good grades at school, didn’t make any friends, and thought about my own business. My dad expected me to wake up at 5:30 and have nine, makeup, makeup and makeup. When I get up late in the morning and it doesn’t fit into my schedule,

he gets angry and calls me homeless and pig. My mother started cursing me, and when I tried to explain it, I was threatened and beaten. It got to the point where I was afraid to spend time with her and I was scared. I did not know what to do. I am scared every day and I feel miserable. I’m 16 and I’m going to go to college, but I don’t know how long I can handle it. It’s like putting your mom, Dad, on a pedestal, like he’s a frontier psychotic to be happy.

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