Which are the Top 5 DU Colleges?

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Every year, students from all over the country are recognized as attending some of the University of Delhi’s most famous colleges as much as they can. Now comes the question, how do you decide which college to choose? One way is to examine the NIRF rankings that have been gained over many years and eliminate other factors such as intelligence, location, study, and so on.

Which are the Top 5 DU Colleges?

Here top 5 DU College list

1. Houses in Miranda

Miranda House, one of the most famous and leading girls’ DU College in India, occupies a high position. Founded in 1948, it is an AAC grade NAAC and also gained DBT Star College status. The college, which offers about 60 exceptional peer courses at PG and UG, has produced many prominent graduates, including the famous Anita Desai, Syeda Hameed, and former Delhi CM, Sheila Dikshit.

The college, which covers 15 acres of the bustling capital, has taken positive steps to provide students with the services of committees and communities of special interest. Admission to the university is conditional on achieving the required student points issued by the University of Delhi.

Which are the Top 5 DU Colleges?
Which are the Top 5 DU Colleges?

2. Lady Shri Ram College for Women

If you are looking for the best college at DU, the second place is awarded to Lady Shri Ram College for Women. LSR, founded in memory of his wife Sir Shri Ram in 1956, is also an A + class center that has received recognition and numerous awards over the years. The college focused on higher education and moved from a shared College building in Dariyaganj to what is now the scene of women’s education in the country.

The center provides women with academic and social skills through 16 different arts, business, and science education programs and has a long list of successful students, namely Vinita Bali, Maneka Gandhi, Gauri Khan, and Anasuya Sengupta, and others. The campus also offers many clubs and communities that take care of the overall development of students. The admission process is similar to other DU universities in that they are on a university exclusion list.

3. Hindu college

Hindu College is located on the northern campus and is one of the top 10 colleges in Delhi, which is probably one of the most sought-after institutions in each country following BA, B.Sc, and B.Com. Founded in 1899 and started as one of the oldest institutions of arts and science affiliated with the University of Punjab since its inception, the college was one of the first 3 cooperating colleges of the University of Delhi in 1922.

Hindu College draws much of its history from the British Raj and provides an integrated education and one of the most important organizational factors in Quit India. Another highlight was the Student Parliament, which began in 1935.

Some of her most famous students are Asha Swaroop, Dr. Kapila Vatsayan et al. The admission procedure is provided for its final list based on the placement of students in their interim results.

4. St. Stephens College

One of the first universities to have a partnership with the University of Delhi St. Stephens College is in fourth place. The St. Stephens College was also among the top 10 DU colleges. The oldest university college in Delhi, St. Petersburg Stephen’s was founded on February 1, 1881. Samuel Scott Allnut and college started with three teachers and five students on the toilet at Kinari Bazar in Chandni Chowk. After living in a small house for 60 years, the college moved in 1941 to its current location on the North Campus, University Enclave. at the University of Delhi.

The college offers UG and PG level programs in all 11 different departments. Some of her most influential students are Mohit Joshi, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha, Karuna Nundy and Sudarshan Suchi among others. The admission process is governed by the University of Delhi, which qualifies and earns points

5. Hansraj College

Hansraj College was founded in 1948 in memory of Mahatma Hansraj and was established by the steering committee of the D.A.V College; shares its roots with the thoughts of Arya Samaya. Hansraj College, expanded by 15 departments, has become a center of rich cultural heritage and excellence in all its courses. The institute has an A + degree from NAAC and is one of the largest universities at the University of Delhi. Thanks to many collaborations and a large list of high College students, namely Shah Rukh Khan, Naveen Jindal, Kiren Rijiju, and Gopal Subramaniam, among others, it is a hot spot for students from all over the country. If you are looking for luxury pg in Delhi at Hansraj College, you can view our various lists of news available through Your space.

The admissions process is similar to the procedures of the University of Delhi, which deducts points on discharge.

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