Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Fateh seeing Tejo from a distance and going. He was thinking of Tej. Naina… plays… Tejo remembers the fire and throws a pillow. He asked why my room looked like a children’s room. Satti calls and says a lot has changed. Tejo asked if anything happened in those nine months that I don’t remember.

Udaariyaan 23rd July 2022 Written Episode Update

Satti remembers. Tejo says please tell me what happened to me. Satti says yes, you are not our Tejo, your mental state…. Rupy says your heart needs peace, don’t think about anything. Tejo asks where is Angad, can I talk to him. According to Rupy, just relax, don’t force your mind. Fateh says that Tejo should remember everything, where Jasmin is.

Beautiful and everyone is talking about Jasmin. Harman said that Jasmin doesn’t feel good that Tejo is to blame for her. Lovely says she should stay away from this state. Fateh said that Jasmin will be punished for her actions. Dilraj gets tea for her. Fateh Tejo asked. Dilraj says fine, he is sleeping, I am happy that he has become old Tejo.

Fateh saw a car running towards the small car. He shouted and stopped the car. Tejo heard him and came to look at the balcony. He saw Fateh and remembered his words. Tejo took the staff and went to Fateh. He asks why did you come here, how did the police let you go, how did you come for me after killing my child, I won’t let you go. He hit Fateh. Rupy and all stopped Tejo. He says Fateh and Jasmin want to kill me. Rupy said no, both are innocent.

Tejo asks why do you want to save him, this man can’t be trusted, I hate him. Rupy is innocent, you think I’m lying to you, you want to know the truth, come with me. They all took Tejo. Harman asks Fateh not to harm herself and go home. Rupy says what happened to you, Angad did it, Fateh and Jasmin didn’t do anything,

I am your real fault, I tried to marry you Angad, I didn’t know he is big. cheat, you’ve lost yourself. child because of Angad because he tried to burn your life. Tejo says no, I don’t believe that, I will marry her, why would she do that. Rupy said he confessed to his crime, he said he started the fire, he confessed this crime to Fateh and Jasmin when they left for London.

Rupy tells him everything. Tejo says that means Fateh did nothing wrong. Rupy says no, he lost his son too, he lost his brother to catch Angad. He was shocked. She is consciously crying because of Amrik. Satti says yes, Amrik is gone, we left you, Fateh sent you home, he looked after you like a child, he forgot all his relatives, he loves you so much, he doesn’t think of doing wrong.

Tejo asks what are you talking about. Satti says the incident stole your memory, family, everything, we thought you left us forever, Fateh did a lot for you, it’s good you lost your memory as you can feel the pain of losing your intolerable children, you will get . a child again. He hugged Tejo. She was crying. Satti took Fateh’s hand for help.

He says you fought goons to save Tej, I am sorry. Fateh said don’t apologize, it is a wife’s right to beat her husband. He took Jasmine’s call. He says it is Sweety’s call, tell her we will meet her. Fateh took the call. He scolds her and asks why didn’t you go. He said I don’t have any clothes. He says you will make up stories and get out of Tej’s life.

He says I will go, give me one chance, I have to come home sometime, please. He says leave Mog else I will go to police, I will tell your truth to everyone, I mean every word. Sweety asks Jasmin to take the dress. Jasmin refused and scolded him. Jasmin says I won’t leave here. Buzo asks what it’s all about. Dilraj says Tejo defeated Fateh.

He gave the medicine and left. Buzo asks Fateh to go with him for help. Fateh refused. Buzo says I will call Simran. Simran calls. The man asks about Candy. He asks who are you, why would I tell you about my son. He says I will tell you soon. He laughed. He gets worried and says the sound is familiar, I will tell Buz. Buzo calls him and asks him to see Fateh.

Fateh said I will not leave without taking my wife. Tejo shouted as he remembered Rupy’s words. Buzo pulled Fateh to see Tejo. Fateh asked if Tejo called me. Buzo said yes. Fateh entered the house. Tere sapnon… playing… He went to Tej’s room. He knocked on the door. Tejo looked at him. He wiped away his tears.

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