Thugs Movie (2023) – Star Cast & Crew, Wiki, Story, Release Date, Budget & Box Office Analysis

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Get the latest on the star cast & crew, story, release date, budget, and box office performance of Thugs, a Bollywood action movie set to release in 2023. Find out if it’s a hit or flop.


Thugs is a highly anticipated Bollywood action movie set to release in 2023. With a star-studded cast and crew, the movie has generated a lot of buzz and excitement among movie enthusiasts and Bollywood fans. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the movie, including its star cast and crew, story, release date, budget, and box office performance, and provide a comprehensive analysis of its impact on the film industry.

Star Cast & Crew

Thugs features a talented cast of actors and actresses, including ABC, DEF, and GHI in lead roles. The movie is directed by well-known filmmaker XYZ and produced by prominent producer PQR. The key personnel include a talented cinematographer, music composer, and editor.

Thugs Movie (2023) - Star Cast & Crew
Thugs Movie (2023) – Star Cast & Crew


Thugs follows the story of a group of daring criminals who embark on a series of daring heists across the country. With fast-paced action and thrilling suspense, the movie promises to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The theme of the movie is centered around crime and justice, with a focus on the motivations and beliefs of the criminals.

Release Date

Thugs is set to release on DATE and will be available on PLATFORM. The movie has generated a lot of anticipation and excitement among moviegoers, with many fans eagerly awaiting its release.


The budget for Thugs is estimated to be approximately $X million, with the majority of the expenses going towards production costs, such as sets, costumes, and special effects. The marketing expenses, including advertising and promotions, are expected to be around $Y million.

Box Office Performance

Thugs has received mixed reviews from critics but has performed well at the box office, earning approximately $Z in its opening weekend. The movie has received positive response from audiences and has generated a lot of buzz in the film industry. In comparison to other recent releases in Bollywood, Thugs can be considered a hit or a moderate success at the box office

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