10 Lines short stories with moral ✔

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10 Lines short stories with moral ✔

1. Once upon a time, a man was walking along the beach and found an old bottle that held a genie. The genie promised to grant him three wishes if he released it from its prison. Excited, the man released the genie and wished for wealth. Immediately, millions of dollars were showered on him from Heaven.

His second wish was for power, so he soon became influential in all circles of society. With his last wish he asked to be immortal; instead the Genie warned him that mortality is God’s gift and no one should try to alter it – Moral: Respect what God has given you or suffer the consequences of trying to change it yourself

2. A young shepherd boy tended his flock in a valley near his village every day but one day when there was nothing special happening in that area he decided to have some fun by crying out “Wolf! Wolf!”. When fellow villagers rushed over they saw no wolf but this continued several times until eventually people stopped believing even when there really was a wolf – Moral: Lying can sometimes get you into trouble as nobody will believe you even if you tell them the truth later on

3. Four friends went hunting together deep into woods where they got lost while chasing after their prey and nightfall had already set in without any food or shelter nearby – Moral: Making plans with friends can be fun but sometimes results may not always turn up as expected so take precautionary measures beforehand

4.Once there lived an ant who stored grains for winter season before anyone else did, because she knew bad times might come anytime –Moral: Being prepared at all times always pays off well

5.One autumn evening two foxes were competing with each other over gathering grapes from nearby vineyard- Moral : Competition should never lead us away from our path otherwise we’ll lose focus on our own target

6.Once upon a time an eagle traded her sharp vision whenever she felt weak or scared-Moral : Never exchange your biggest strengths for temporary advantages

7.A lion visited another jungle just for curiosity against warnings given by senior animals about danger lurking around-Moral : Listen carefully & follow wise advice given most of times if not all

8.A crow stole shiny object thinking its bigger precious stone only after reaching home realised only cheap plastic ring –Moral : Don’t judge things by its cover

9.Once greedy farmer undermined value supplied natural water which eventual dried compounding problems forever–Morals : Greed kills environment leading resource depletion & hardship

10.The proud piece lion kept announcing himself loudly everywhere challenging everyone emphasizing its authority / strength–Morals : Pride comes before fall don’t let boastful attitude break relationships/trust

5 Lines short stories with moral

1. Once upon a time there was an old man who lived by the river. He had no children, so he adopted a young boy as his son and raised him with love and care. The moral of this story is that family doesn’t have to be related by blood, it can be created from just love and care alone.

2. There once was a lion that stood proud and strong atop the highest hill in the jungle kingdom one day, watching all of its subjects with great pride and joy— until one ant walked up his leg! Despite thinking it trivial for such tiny creature to cause discomfort for him, he decided to let it go instead. This story teaches us not to underestimate anyone’s power or importance because we never know when they may come in handy in life’s journey!

3. Once there were two friends living on adjacent farms who shared their vegetables each year working together like brothers until some misunderstandings made them drift apart over time Eventually+ they stopped sharing their produce altogether But years later when both were struggling financially they reached out again—learning that their friendship truly outweighed any differences between them The moral here is never forget true loyalty can overcome all obstacles no matter what happens along the way!.

4 An owl lived deep in the forest next door amongst older trees His only friend he could call on rainy days when darkness descended suddenly Was then an old moth – still strong despite her grey wings Moral: True friendships stands through every storm despite differences of age or size!

5 There once was an ant which got into trouble as planned But careless about falling into hazards When help came around One feet away from being drowned In came another fellow ants hand Moral: Togetherness helps pull out everyone from danger & difficult times; Never step back from lending hand if you can!

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